Indie Exclusive: Ray Lamontagne

News / Preorders / January 30, 2016

Ray Lamontagne recently announced the release date for his upcoming album, Ouroboros, which he said came to him in some sort of a mystic vision:

‘Ouroboros’ is an album musically unlike any I have recorded previously. It did not make itself known to me in sections, sessions, or moments carved out of the clutter of every day life. It presented itself as the simple question:

“Will you follow me?”

Of course I couldn’t say no. I had to follow. What else could I do?

I had nothing with which to record the journey that was taken. The album is merely an attempt to recreate, from memory, the landscapes, the colors, the sights and sounds that were experienced. I only thank God for the vividness of those experiences, and for the ease of their recollection.

Two variants are currently known:

The album (or vision) is being unveiled on March 4th.

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Chris Brown
After appearing on classical and punk rock records in the 1980s, Chris Brown, settled into a career at a music/movie/book/video game store. While at Bull Moose, he proposed Record Store Day. He currently combs new release lists in search of repressings of weird old European soundtracks and production music.

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