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Exclusive Spin / News / Preorders / Special Features / February 19, 2016

Everyone Leaves, a five-piece from Columbus, isn’t afraid to lay out a mission statement of sorts via Facebook: “Everything ends, people change, everyone leaves, we all move on together.”

“Little One” seems to encompass this notion of moving on, stating, “I’m sorry I was meant to be this broken/I wish I could fix the way you feel, without destroying myself.” This song, featuring some stellar guitar work, vocals that give off strong Straylight Run-esque vibes, as well as a killer bass line, is one that will leave you reeling in the memories on moving on, bettering ourselves and simply, being broken. It packs a powerful punch, while giving off some honest angst in the almost four-minute span.

Hot Mulligan’s “Legen” doesn’t give off Straylight Run-esque vibes, but has strong hints of the sounds Joyce Manor and Tiny Moving Parts have come to be known for. It’s barely even a minute-and-a-half, but manages to discuss the insecurities that sometimes pop up when drinking and hanging with friends in new surroundings, all while trying to impress someone. They sing, “Shallow personality means I hope you fall in love with me for the way I dress/Because that’s all I have is this and shattered confidence/Lack of personality means I hope you fall in love with me for the words that I wrote down for you / I’ll throw myself across the room to get your attention again.”

In addition to the two tracks we premiered today, each band has an additional track rounding out their split 7″. It’s available for pre-order via the Save Your Generation Records webstore as well as the Little Heart Records webstore.

The release is set to come out on March 11, featuring three variants: opaque purple (limited to 150 copies), opaque blue (limited to 150 copies) and opaque green (limited to 200 copies), as well as a cassette version. You can catch Hot Mulligan and Everyone Leaves at their upcoming release show for this split on March 11 in Lansing, Illinois at Royal Skate & Apparel.

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