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MV Recommends / News / Special Features / April 7, 2016

This week, Modern Vinyl recommends “Only You Remain,” the stunning debut from Baltimore’s Great American Canyon Band.

Maybe I’m just still on a War on Drugs’ Lost In The Dream kick and that slice of pie — harmonious blending of alternative rock, shoegaze and boozy folk — makes Great American Canyon Band’s debut LP to my liking. Only You Remain exquisitely taps into the mindset of driving along long, country roads, musically as cinematic and wide as the open air and lyrically introspective as the sole wanderer you are that ponders on this big rock we call Earth.

The Baltimore-based duo, consisting of husband-and-wife team Kris and Paul Masson, state that their influences include Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Mazzy Star, artists who have graced music with an outstanding alternative voice — a different vantage point to rock music and particularly the stalwarts of folk music. The influences may wear themselves a little too closely on GACB’s debut, but the music ably stands on its own, embracing a lush and kaleidoscopic sprawl that appears as the indie folk equivalent of their fellow dream pop natives Beach House.

Great American Canyon Band Only You Remain

Tracks like “Crash, “I Lose Me” and the title track wholly exemplify Only You Remain‘s slow-burn quality, with moments of explosive energy like on “Come Home” and “Never Fade Away” and quieter times like on “Broken Glass” and “Rise” that make the album drift in and out of consciousness, creating this tunnel-like vision of music that breathes in and out the more you listen and the longer you listen to it.

The album is set for release on Friday, April 8th, though you could pick up the record on vinyl from their Bandcamp store right now. Having taken a listen to the LP itself, the music is deserving of the warmth and expansive audio that vinyl provides, and the pressing is pretty solid. It’s worth taking a listen to the record and then deciding for yourself whether or not you want to purchase physical copies, but if their debut impresses you like it has for me, then I would fully support the duo so that they can make the potential breakout record that could be LP2.

Listen to “Crash” below.

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