A Pressing Story: Barren Womb’s ‘Nique Everything’

A Pressing Story / News / Special Features / April 8, 2016

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The sophomore album from the Norwegian noise punk duo Barren Womb, titled Nique Everything, was released late last year on Spartan Records. Herein lies the story of how the band’s “log” picture disc came to be (one of MV’s top 2015 vinyl variants), told in the words of Barren Womb guitarist and vocalist Tony Gonzahl.

We were sitting around the kitchen table, staring at the artwork for Nique Everything, me and Ole Spangrud (all around artistic genius and creator of said artwork), trying to figure out how the hell to take a decent picture of it. Equipped with a sub-par camera and rudimentary photo skills, we’d already been struggling for hours in a bad lighting situation without any usable result. Now on the verge of admitting defeat and letting someone with actual experience in the field do the job, we instead started brainstorming on ideas for the vinyl itself to take our minds off the failure.

A few minutes later, the “Log” picture disc was born. After running the idea by Timo and getting the seal of approval, he immediately went to work scouring the area surrounding his Otterøya farm for the perfect piece of wood. The search bore fruit when he stumbled upon a rotten, but charming specimen of Goat Willow in a refuse pile. With the help of Ole Aleksander Ekker (photographer extraordinaire), the log was digitalized and ready to be pressed on wax.

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