The MV Podcast 118: Music & Loss

News / Podcast / The MV Podcast / May 13, 2016

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The newest episode of The MV Podcast is all about how me memorialize musicians upon death. Sparked by Prince, but wide-ranging in topics, the discussion covers a writer’s role in this process, the battle between grief and self-promotion, along with what artists we think will be a Prince-level event when passing.

And exclusive to iTunes listeners, we get into some Quickfire to discuss Radiohead, a classic Taking Back Sunday jam and the new Tegan & Sara track (an album Chris is officially worried about).


3:00, Music and Loss
7:45, Prince vs. Bowie/Writers and the Grieving Process
21:30, Prince and “eyetunes”
24:00, Grief or Self Promotion?
38:40, Death and Us
42:40, The Coming Years
57:35, Quickfire
Radiohead (Video)/Taking Back Sunday (Classic)/Tegan & Sara
1:28:40, Completely Original Life Secrets

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Christopher Lantinen
Chris Lantinen is the owner and editor-in-chief of Modern Vinyl. Along with his modest collection of sad sounding records, he collects his share of soundtracks and previously adored indie up-and-comers. Chris is currently a professor of journalism and public relations at Edinboro University in the Erie, Pennsylvania area.

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