Exclusive Spin: Pro Teens — Decoy

Exclusive Spin / News / July 14, 2016

A decoy is a convincing facsimile of a creature usually primed for capture. Once its predator pounces, thinking they’ve nailed an easy target, they’ve never been more wrong. The wily foe has been fooled by a friendly stand-in, and the real version roams free, safe from harm.

The cover of Accidentally, the sophomore record from Phoenix’s Pro Teens, features a deer, slumped and soaked by a water source as lifeless as its limp body. While not entirely positive of the source behind the band’s art choice, “Decoy” incidentally drags and slides, while also promising a different experience than at first listen. What begins in an almost post-rock display of sharp plucked guitar unfolds to a psych-pop tapestry that is as brittle — flat drums continue this image — as it is bent out of shape. It’s clear what rings at the track’s open is mutated throughout near-five minutes of waterlogged effects. Even Andy Phipps is in on the clever ruse: the song’s refrain, over Elvis Costello-grade angular strums, shouts “living a lie” behind what, to many, could appear as a well-constructed, if sluggish pop facade.

“Decoy” is taken from Pro Teens’ second full-length, “Accidentally,” which is available for pre-order over at Broken Circles. The vinyl configuration is limited to 500 olive green copies, with a matching olive green cassette run, totaling 50 shells. The release is also available digitally and on CD, and will be released on July 29th.

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