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SEE is a 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist hailing from Centerport, New York. She blends pop and alternative rock, with her own unique touch. Her first EP, “Ties,” is set to be released on Friday, June 24. The first single, “Potions,” premiered on AfterEllen, garnering over 19,000 views in the first 24 hours it was live.

We chatted with SEE about her new EP, the documentary behind the making of it, as well as some of her summer tour plans.

Modern Vinyl: What prompted you to teach yourself how to play a multitude of instruments?

SEE: I just felt this need to learn how to play everything, so I would be able to write entire songs by myself. I definitely learn better by teaching myself things vs. trying to take lessons.
MV: Your debut EP, “Ties,” is set to be released in a few weeks. What was the process behind its inception and production?
SEE: Some of the songs on the EP are almost three years old at this point, and some were written just before I recorded the EP. The songs have a lot of varying topics and feelings in them because you’re witnessing a decent chunk of my life throughout those 25 minutes. I had been demoing out some of these songs before we started the recording process, and then I recorded with my producer, Brad Wood, and the co-producer on the some of the tracks, Walter Dicristina, for a little over a month last fall.
MV: What do you hope people will take from it?
SEE: I just want people to feel like they’re listening to something very genuine and real. But I also want it to be music that they can listen to and be excited to share with other people, and be excited for a live show, etc.
MV: Why did you decide to release a mini-documentary, called “Breaking Ties,” about the making of the EP?
SEE: Rob — the person who is filming and directing the series — is also in my live band and during a rehearsal one day, we were talking about how it would be cool to get an inside look at an up-and-coming artist. We’ve been filming all that we can over the past few months so we can give people an inside look at the process and the things I have to do and a look at my personality so people can get to know me better as well.
MV: How did you get your start with Blue Elan records?
SEE: The week that I met my managers, we had this conversation that things could either progress really quickly or that things may take a while. Amazingly, that same week, almost immediately we had an offer from them. Everything just fell into place really perfectly and the label has been super great about letting me grow organically and really letting my creative vision be the guiding force behind our team.
MV: You’ll be performing at Arlene’s Grocery throughout July. How are you preparing for your residency?
SEE: Practicing with the band mostly. I’m also going to be doing a cool thing where I’m going to let people request a cover each week of the residency, and I’ll also be giving away some unique merch to the first group of people through the door. So planning all of that out has been my main preparation so far.
MV: When you go on tour, what do you enjoy most?
SEE: Definitely finding all the awesome vegan places to eat and trying new food. I also like connecting with my bandmates more and sharing stories, etc.
MV: What do you hope to accomplish this summer?
SEE: I’m hoping that I can start building a bigger fanbase and just get people super interested in my music and everything that I’m doing. I think these shows are also going to help me become a better performer so I’m looking forward to learning from that experience and just improving upon myself.
MV: If you could give advice to budding musicians following in your footsteps, what would you say?
SEE: It’s literally the most cliche thing ever, but be yourself. Trust your gut because something good and a little different than what other people are doing is going to put you ahead of artists that are doing the sound and the voice that’s currently “in.” And don’t let people tell you that it isn’t possible. Keep pushing.
MV: Do you have anything else to add?
SEE: Thank you guys for having me!
SEE will be performing a residency this summer at Arlene’s Grocery. For more information about SEE, her upcoming tour dates, or even to check out her social media feeds, visit her website.
Check out “Potions” below:

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