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Interviews / News / July 26, 2016

Jeremy & The Harlequins are a gritty New York City-based band, drawing in influences from the classic rock ‘n roll sound, as well as rockabilly, while blending them together to form their signature. 

We chatted with the band’s singer, Jeremy Fury, about their upcoming LP, “Into The Night,” the Fury Bros. Candle Company, as well as performing at Yankee Stadium before a Yankees-Red Sox matchup.

Modern Vinyl: To start off, could you give us a brief oral history of the band?

Jeremy Fury: We started almost exactly three years ago. My brother Stevie came back from living in Paris for a few weeks. In the time he was back, we made “American Dreamer.” Technically, that record was written over the course of maybe eight years, but was recorded and arranged in less than a week. We only spent two days tracking it in a studio just outside of Detroit. I didn’t even meet [our guitarist] Patrick [Meyer] until a day before working on arranging the songs.

MV: What was the thought process when recording “Into The Night?”

JF: We thought of this album as the natural next level to the band. “American Dreamer” is pretty cut and dry, vintage Americana, inspired primarily by doo-wop and rockabilly. “Into the Night” sips from more wells. It’s a “mash-up” of our favorite parts of rock ‘n roll.

I think the song “Into the Night” is the best representation or summary of the album; something old and something new. I’ve had friends say it reminds them of Vampire Weekend or The Killers, and other friends say it reminds them of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. Go figure.

MV: What were some of the influences for this particular album? 

JF: Early rock ‘n roll, Sun Records-era rockabilly, Phil Spector-produced girl groups, early ’70s British glam rock, ’70s punk, and mid-to-late ’70s American pop rock.

MV: How did you get acquainted with the fine folks at Yep Roc?

JF: Matt Verta Ray, who plays in Heavy Trash, mixed and engineered our record. He told me about Yep Roc, so I went online and tried to find a contact. I couldn’t find an actual A&R or demo submission contact, but I did find the owner of the label’s name. Using the last part of their website and his first name, I literally guessed his email address. I sent out an email, it happened to be right, and he responded within a day. Within about four months, we were signed to them.

MV: You’ve got an interesting pre-order package, it might be one of the more unique ones I’ve seen. What’s the story behind The Harlequin Candle?

JF: My brother Stevie, our drummer, and I have a candle and soap company called Fury Bros. One of the reasons we started it was that it could be a way to make money while still having the freedom to do the band. It’s hard to keep a job in New York City when you’re always requesting off for shows and tours. Anyways, the Harlequin candle is the ode to the band. When we were tracking “American Dreamer,” we were drinking a lot of absinthe. We thought it would be fitting [to have] the candle’s fragrance match the scent of the studio while we were recording.

MV: What are you looking forward to the most about the release of “Into The Night?”

JF: To be heard. I think we are doing something different than what is out right now. If I weren’t in this band, I’d buy this record. I also think the lyrics to the record are true to the times we are living in. I think it’s more relevant now and people will get something positive out of it. That’s what I hope.

MV: What was it like performing at Yankee Stadium before the Yankees/Red Sox game?

JF: Fun! I love going to baseball games from time to time. Why not play some rock ‘n roll at one?

MV: How did you score that gig?

JF: The Underground Garage asked us to do it. We were excited to do it. It’s fun to step out of a traditional venue sometimes and play somewhere totally different.

MV: When you’re on tour, I’ve noticed a lot of #onfilm photos fill up your social feeds. What do you shoot with, and why film?

JF: Oh cool. Glad you picked up on that. [Our guitarist] Craig [Bonich] handles our Instagram. He is the type of person who gets really into whatever he does. I think it started as a necessity, then became a hobby, and now he’s a full-on photographer. Right now, he’s shooting with four different cameras: a ’60s Minolta, a ’70s Nikon, an ’80s Cosina, and a ’90s Olympus point and shoot.

MV: Anything else you’d like to add?

JF: Sure! Our new album “Into the Night” comes out August 5th on Yep Roc Records. Check it out. You’ll love it.

“Into The Night” comes out in a few days via Yep Roc Records. Pre-orders can be found at Jeremy & The Harlequins’ webstore. Check out the video for their single “Into The Night” below:

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