Bong Load selling Beck, Elliott Smith, The Killers reissues

News / July 29, 2016

A label called Bong Load Records is selling a few noteworthy reissues for their 25th anniversary, including new Beck, Elliott Smith and Killers pressings. I checked into them a little, and from Discogs, Twitter replies and an article in Las Vegas Weekly, it seems they’re a label from the early 90s who did early releases for Beck, Smith and others.

Bong Load went on to release three of Beck’s best-known albums, a pair of Elliiott Smith full-lengths and a slew of other works from artists like Kyuss, Richard Thompson, L7 and Eels. The label’s last vinyl pressing went out in 2000, Rothrock says, and its final CDs were issued in 2007, leaving digital files as the lone ongoing method of buying into the Bong Load catalog.

Beginning today, however, Bong Load rides in physical form once again. To celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary, Rothrock has relaunched the label, newly relocated to Las Vegas. At his side: longtime friend and Vegas music scene veteran Michael Stratton, Bong Load’s new label manager and A&R director.

I’ve listed the reissues below:

  • Elliott Smith — Figure 8
    180-Gram Coke Bottle Swirl, limited to 2,016
  • Elliott Smith — XO
    180-Gram Hazel Black Smoke, limited to 2,016
  • Beck — Odelay
    180-Gram Cloudy Sky Blue, limited to 2,016
    Different from Geffen reissue that’s also coming for half the price.
  • Beck — Mellow Gold
    180-Gram Red and Black Smoke, limited to 2,016
  • The Killers — Sam’s Town
    180-Gram Black/Remastered/45 RPM/10-year anniversary book/limited to 5,016

The prices are high and the return policy is very weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the “fix it yourself” method of dealing with warped records.

Vinyl sales are final, we do not take returns. If a record that you receive appears damaged in shipping, contact us immediately. No returns on warped records for any reason. Some records come with a slight warp due to imperfect presses and distributor storage. This problem is rare and easy to correct. Just place your thumbs on the center of the record and flex the edges in the opposite direction of the warp. Rotate, repeat, test on the turntable. Do this a couple times whenever you play the record and it should fix itself.

And if this is the Killers much rumored (non picture disc) reissue of Sam’s Town, fans will most definitely not be happy. A $45 mark for a double LP that came out to $51 with shipping.

Let me know what you think and has anyone every purchased from Bong Load? What kind of quality are we looking at?

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