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Interviews / August 15, 2016

Dreamers is a Los Angeles-based cosmic rock band, set to release their debut LP, “This Album Does Not Exist” later this month. The members of the band want people to connect with their music and enjoy it. Their single, “Sweet Disaster” has already garnered some airplay on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation, as well as on various radio stations across the nation.

We chatted with singer Nick Wold about their upcoming LP, touring with Bear Hands, and the time that the band rescued a kitten from a truck’s engine.

Modern Vinyl: To start, could you give us a brief oral history of how you got your start?
Nick Wold: I had been in another band which had broken up and was writing a ton of new music, living in my practice space in Brooklyn. Nelson and I recorded a bunch of these songs in Virginia. Eventually after our song “Wolves” started getting play on the radio, we signed a record deal in L.A., where we recorded our full length and met Jacob [Wick], our drummer extraordinaire.

MV: Let’s talk about “This Album Does Not Exist.” It’s an interesting name for an album. What’s the story behind that?

NW: For us, music is supposed to be fun, but is also about philosophy of life. We like to talk about deep topics late at night and try to figure it all out. The album title came from a conversation about reality and existence. We realize that everything we know and experience is all filtered through the lens of our minds. There is probably an objective reality, but we only imagine it based on limited information we get from our imperfect senses. Sometimes it’s important to realize that things don’t exist exactly as you imagine them.  

MV: What can fans expect to hear on TADNE? 
NW: You can expect to hear a bunch of new songs and old favorites from our experience of moving to L.A. from New York. We spent a month writing and two months recording in Fairfax/Sound City, which is such an incredible place to work. TADNE is the final product of our coming together as a band there. 

MV: What were some of the influences on this album when this was in production?
NW: We have a ton of shared influences from every decade from the ’60s to now, and tried to take from it all at will. We love Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and a lot of the “grunge” bands of the ’90s; we all grew up on the Beatles and ’60s psychedelic rock, punk from the ’70s, and synth-oriented dance music of the ’80s. We wanted to make our music feel like it belongs in this tradition but is something totally new — the next step of it.

MV: You’ll be supporting Bear Hands on a few dates in a few weeks. What’re you looking forward to most about that?

NW: We’re super excited that those shows came together! I had known some of the Bear Hands guys years ago in Brooklyn, where we had both lived for years. It’s amazing to see them having success, and it’ll be fun to reconnect. We’re also excited to head back up the Northwest and play some cities we’ve never yet played.

MV: What are some of your favorite parts about touring?

NW: Our favorite part is getting to meet all the different people who we see on the internet, to put a face to the screen name. We’ve met so many strange, interesting and wonderful people over the years. And we’ve met so many people now who’ve been inspired by our music, which inspires us to keep going.

MV: Are there any bizarre stories you have from tour life that you’d like to share?

NW: We once rescued an abandoned kitten from the engine of a truck and took it on the road with us. One time the highway was obstructed by a herd of bighorn sheep, and another time we almost hit a black bear in Colorado. We’ve broken down in various cities and deserts, and encountered every kind of American, from hippie wizards to Neo-Nazis.

MV: Earlier this month, your van was broken into. How did you cope with that, and losing most of your gear?

NW: It was a horrible moment, one that happens to most bands at one point or another. We definitely were able to cope because of the outpouring of love we got from friends and fans on the internet. Some even started a GoFundMe and donated to help us out. For every crappy person out there, there are 100 good ones. Fortunately, most of it was insured, and we had already taken inside all the priceless/irreplaceable gear.

MV: What advice would you give to others on the road to try and avoid a situation like that, even though sometimes these things happen?

NW: Get theft insurance! Don’t leave anything in the van unless someone is there to guard it, and invest in an alarm system with a pocket pager! A friend of ours was able to hook us up with one for free (shoutout to them!), and now we’re installing a metal security partition/fortress.

MV: Anything else you’d like to add?

NW: Don’t forget to dream, and think, and be. And thanks for listening to our labor of love.

“This Album Does Not Exist” is set to release on August 26th via Fairfax Records. Pre-orders for the vinyl copy are available through our friends at Bull Moose. The record is pressed on white wax and is limited to 500 copies. Pre-orders are also available via the iTunes Store.

photo credit – Justin Wilczynski

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