Pilot Study 030: The IT Crowd (U.S.)

News / Pilot Study / Podcast / September 4, 2016

“Unaired” month continues with our look at the U.S. version of “The IT Crowd.” Starring Joel McHale, the show attempts to transition the UK property, utilizing one of the original lead actors in the process. We talk McHale’s casting, a terrible pratfall and Moss’ glasses.

Special guest Alan Miller (The Vinyl Crawl, real life IT guy) joins us and plays a round of The IMDB game.


2:00, Joel McHale’s Casting
“Family Tree” is the Chris O’Dowd HBO show.
5:30, McHale vs. O’Dowd
8:46, Its Look/Another Remake Incoming
13:42, “A lot of blood”
22:24, Actual Positives!
25:42, A Cancellation
28:37, The IMDB Game
40:15, “Looking At Lenses”

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Christopher Lantinen
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