Prayers are answered, new Jeff Rosenstock album dropping

News / Preorders / September 7, 2016

Update 10/13/16: A couple more variants of this record are available. They’re listed below:

The new Jeff Rosenstock album, titled Worry, is now up for pre-order at SideOneDummy. The pressing is detailed below.

3,000 – A/B Baby Pink & Baby Blue
1,000 – Half & Half Grey and Baby Pink
1,000 – Color in Color Electric Blue (outside) & Aqua Blue (inside)
400 – Half & Half Bone and Electric Blue

Bundles include a survival kit, including a flashlight, condoms, band-aids and more.

Also, it’s 17 tracks large! And if you haven’t listened to 2015’s We Cool, remedy that immediately. And then read James Cassar’s piece on it.

Track List:
1. We Begged To Explode // 2. Pash Rash // 3. Festival Song // 4. Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment // 5. Wave Goodnight To Me // 6. To Be a Ghost… // 7. Pietro, 60 Years Old // 8. I Did Something Weird Last Night // 9. Blast Damage Days // 10. Bang on the Door // 11. Rainbow // 12. Planet Luxury // 13. Hellllhoooole // 14. June 21st // 15. The Fuzz // 16. …While You’re Alive // 17. Perfect Sound Whatever

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