Pilot Study 032: Atlanta

News / Pilot Study / Podcast / September 16, 2016

The latest episode of Pilot Study is all about Donald Glover’s new show, Atlanta. Over at FX, Glover’s put together something that avoids the Entourage “show about fame” pitfalls, gets by without using the musical talents of Childish Gambino, and that lives up to those Twin Peaks comparisons, for a couple very different reasons.

The pilot was previously free on YouTube, but has since expired. You can find it now at the typical digital outlets.


1:50, Beginning of Atlanta Discussion
4:36, “Paperboi” (Is It Actually Good?)
6:30, “Twin Peaks For Rappers”
14:15, The Show’s Music
19:10, No Cameos
23:29, Line-O-Rama

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Christopher Lantinen
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