‘Adventure Time’ pressing up at Think Geek

Preorders / October 17, 2016

Over at Think Geek, they’re selling a few variants of Adventure Time Presents: The Music of Ooo, released by SpaceLab9. The 38 track collection is on either: “Finn” (white and blue split), “Tree Trunks” (green and yellow swirl) or “Me-Mow” (Tan with green and brown splatter, more guessing here).

You can see the tracklisting below.

Track Listing

A Side

  1. Adventure Time Theme Song
  2. Baby
  3. Home Song
  4. Friends
  5. Susan Strong
  6. All Gummed Up Inside
  7. All Warmed Up Inside
  8. As a Tropical Island / On a Tropical Island
  9. Extremities Song (Balloon Music)
  10. Melons (I Was Wrong)
  11. My Best Friends in the World
  12. Oh Fionna
  13. Sleepy Puppies
  14. Dream of Love
  15. Let Me Show You Something Special
  16. Oh Bubblegum
  17. Bad Little Boy
  18. Good Little Girl

Flip it to the B Side for

  1. I Just Can’t Get Over You
  2. Have You Ever Had a Friend
  3. Lemonhope’s Got Feet
  4. Lemonhope’s Song
  5. Rap Bear & Finn’s Rap
  6. A Kingdom from a Spark
  7. Baby’s Building a Tower into Space
  8. Everything’s Falling into Place
  9. Food Chain Song
  10. Little Brothers
  11. Lost in the Darkness
  12. Money
  13. Prismo’s Ritual
  14. That’s All I Need
  15. We’re Plants
  16. Year, Girl It Stinks
  17. Everything Stays (Young Marceline & Mom)
  18. Candy Kingdom (Bonus)
  19. Everything Stays

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