Exclusive Spin: Adam Ackerman (Sorority Noise, Seeds?) — Young

Exclusive Spin / News / November 4, 2016

Adam Ackerman may be best known for lending overdriven guitar riffs to Sorority Noise or creating punchy, metal-grade joyrides with the one-off side project Seeds?. That latter adventure found him contributing lead vocals for the first time, but the full band experience gave him a megaphone rather than an open journal. “Young,” taken from the forthcoming charity collection A Comp for Kyle, recasts Ackerman in a new, haunting light. His trademark guitar slides in near the end of a piano-driven track, and his gruff register is downtrodden, a falsetto rising over the keys like tender smoke. There’s a true pain here that calls to mind Sorority Noise’s perceptive existence, but the vulnerability at play here is something all its own.

As Ackerman explains: “This song was really a departure from the norm for a lot of reasons. One being that, sonically, it’s not what I’m used to doing, nor has it ever been my strong suit. More importantly, this was a song where I was lyrically very vulnerable. I’ve always had difficulty talking about my feelings, and it took the passing of my friend Corey to make me change that about myself. I guess if I want anyone to take away anything from this song, it’s to talk to the people you care about and tell them how you feel. Tell them when you’re hurting. Tell them when you’re struggling. Cry on their shoulder if you need to. Tell them you love them.”

“Young” premieres ahead of A Comp for Kyle, a digital collection benefitting the family of the late Kyle Henesy and will available for purchase on Bandcamp on his birthday, Nov. 28. Other featured artists include Rozwell Kid and Emperor X. In the words of compilation curator Madeline Lewis: “Music was the light of Kyle’s life. This is a celebration of music that brought us together and that reminds me of him.”

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