Exclusive Spin: Mineral Girls — Seven Inches of Release

Exclusive Spin / News / November 9, 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Mineral Girls released their Cozy Body LP last year, a release that slipped snugly between the reigns of indie-rock and crunchy pop. This fall’s Seven Inches of Release lets go of that duality – “Skeleton Dad” pushes out bits of twinkly emo and rip-roaring guitar, while “Scooby Doo Bookshelf” sounds like it floats on with ghostly vocals and a graceful fade-out. Newcomers to this band can find plenty to adore with these two cuts spurned on by a Google-translated adaptation of a Japanese blog covering their music, and seasoned veterans will easily understand this new dialect in Mineral Girls’ well-portioned language.

Seven Inches of Release will be released on seven inches of vinyl via Broken World Media and Self Aware Records this Friday, Nov. 11. The run is limited to 300 pieces on random-mixed color wax, and is available for pre-order at each label’s store.

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James Cassar
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