Exclusive Spin: Mover Shaker — Michigania

Exclusive Spin / News / December 8, 2016

Detroit’s Mover Shaker defines their debut LP, Michigania, as “an exploration of Midwest space and time.” Every possibility of that quotation is laid out on the 10-track record, premiering below, from the equal footing of vocalists Jack Parsons and Gabriel Miller, to the erratic, kaleidoscopic time signatures and echoes of genre fusion meddling in the mix. For a first full-length, Michigania is awfully expansive — at least, enough for the prog-leaning “Alteatoric Fanfare” to bookend both sides of the adventure — and double-dips into heavy, glossy shoegaze (“Low”), skittish emo (“Quiet Room”) and fittingly, spacier fare (“Something You’d Say”). The last of these examples explodes into a coda that’s just one big build, which is probably what Mover Shaker is going for here: more sudden peaks than death drops.

Michigania is out tomorrow, December 9th, via Funeral Sounds digitally and on clear with gold liner cassette (limited to 100 copies). Pre-order the release here, or digitally via the group’s Bandcamp.

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