Tiny Engines starting up label sub, sign up now

News / Preorders / January 8, 2017

Tiny Engines is the latest to jump on the label subscription train, starting one up for 2017. You can sign up for the sub now, which allows you to select monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for shipment frequency (obviously the more shipments, the higher price). They state:

Purchasing every album on vinyl separately throughout the year with postage would cost you over $300 in the US, over $450 in Canada and Over $550 Everywhere Else. Save money and subscribe with extra benefits!

The membership also includes the following. Notice those digital bonuses:

– Early digital downloads for all releases before anyone else!
– Vinyl insiders secure a copy of the rarest variant (split vinyl color typically) for every vinyl release.
– First to know before we announce any new release or new band. Before the public knows, you will know about it first!
– Priority access to bonus digital material from TE bands…demos, instrumentals, etc.
– Priority access when we have overages, restocks or returns for out of stock/print vinyl.
– Bonus merch such as cassettes, posters, stickers, tees, etc.
– Yearly insiders will receive a Tiny Engines tee shirt with your first subscription shipment.
– First monthly subscription package will ship in January and will include Sinai Vessel and Jouska releases.

They also list their releases for the year, which includes the highly anticipated Sinai Vessel LP, Wild Pink, a mystery LP in April, Adult Mom (go listen to that last LP), and summer/fall releases from Jouska, Runaway Brother (YES) and more.

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Christopher Lantinen
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