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Interviews / News / Special Features / February 3, 2017

The NYC four piece Loose Buttons has been making waves since 2014’s EP release, Damage Gallery. A handful of singles and many shows later brings them to another EP release here in early 2017. At the end of February, Loose Buttons will release Sundays, their triumphant comeback and entrance into a different music scene and a different world.

We spoke with the band via email and got an idea of what’s next for them, as well as who they are as a band.

Modern Vinyl: I’ve seen many comparisons to you and The Last Shadow Puppets, The Walkmen, and other bands in that alternative rock genre. Are those bands your direct influences or do you find inspiration in any other particular genres?

Loose Buttons: Those acts are definitely a huge influence on us. We really love Hamilton Leithauser, so we take The Walkmen comparison as a compliment. Influences from other genres work their way into our songs, but I wouldn’t say it’s something we actively seek out. It just happens that way.

MV: Your last major release was an EP in 2014. How did the decision to release a new EP this year come about?

LB: We never really meant for there to be such a large gap in time; it kind of just worked out that way. We got caught up in watching Mad Men, so once that ended we could clear our heads and get back to work. It’s nice to finally release these songs.

MV: I can’t blame you for getting caught up in Mad Men! We’ve all been there. What are your plans after the EP release? Touring? Is a full-length record in the works?

LB: We’re in the process of figuring out dates and our work has already begun on the full length. We have some ideas floating around and we’re figuring out producers and all that. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

MV: This is a generic interview question, but I found your band name intriguing. Where does “Loose Buttons” come from?

LB: It’s an ode to my brother. He always enjoyed purchasing shirts with loose buttons, so we felt like it was the best way to honor him and his legacy.

MV: How does being from New York City influence your sound and your work as a band?

LB: Truthfully, we don’t aim to sound “New York;” it’s pretty subconscious to us. It guess it’s pretty deep in our DNA.

MV: What are some of your favorite break up songs?”

LB: Macy Gray — “I Try”: It’s just beyond catchy and a true tear jerker. Dire Straits — “Romeo and Juliet”: Mark Knopfler sounds more poetic than Shakespeare on this one. The Walkmen — “The Rat”: Since you compared us to them, might as well have one of their songs on the list.

Listen to their new track, “Between Brick Walls,” below. Keep an eye out for Loose Buttons’ new EP, “Sundays,” and let us know if their breakup songs find their way onto your list of favorites.

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