Jason Molina bio paired with Songs: Ohia live LP

News / Preorders / February 14, 2017

A live LP from Songs: Ohia, titled Live at WOBC Oct. 12, 1994, is being sold along with a Jason Molina biography. They state that the LP is “made available only for those who pre-order this bundle now.”

We are so excited by this incredible book that we dug through the expansive Molina archives to unearth the very first radio session Songs: Ohia ever performed. Recorded at Oberlin College’s WOBC in the fall of 1994 by Tom Colley, this recording features an interview with Molina along with him performing early versions of songs that would eventually be re-recorded formally for release & many songs that are officially being made available now for the first time ever. This limited edition LP is being made available only for those who pre-order this bundle now.

The pressing and book is being released on May 19. Euro customers can purchase here.

Side A:

1. Tess
2. Bath
3. Nosebleed
4. 1943
5. Pyrate II
6. Pond
7. Fucking Sick of ?

Side B

8. Letter
9. Owe
10. Sept. 17
11. Ohio
12. 45 Degrees
13. Parting Friends


Christopher Lantinen
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