Exclusive Spin: Samurai Tiger/Normal State — Split

Exclusive Spin / News / February 17, 2017

In DIY, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery, but covering a good friend’s song for a split release just might be an updated version of the old adage. For Samurai Tiger and Normal State — the solo monikers of Maryland’s Cove Halley and Conrad Gagnon, respectively — their two-song swap meet rests somewhere between cavernous lo-fi and frenetic folk-punk. Normal State’s haunting take on the start-stop rhythm of Gagnon’s “Bedroom Window” is a stark contrast to the punchier acoustics of Samurai Tiger’s spin on the somber “Yellow Flowers,” yet both tracks retain each writer’s potent sense of mortality. That translation might just speak more to their understanding of a common pain, muse, or both than other team-ups might suggest.

The Normal Tiger/Samurai State split will be released this weekend via Deep Sea Records digitally and on cassette, with all proceeds forwarded to A Voice for the Innocent in alliance with Bands Take A Stand. You can pre-order your copy via Bandcamp or the label’s webstore, and learn more about the organization, which exists as an outreach organization for sexual abuse victims, here.

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James Cassar
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