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Interviews / News / March 7, 2017

Boston rock quartet Bat House has been shaking up the underground scene since 2014. Shying away from the musical conventions of their classmates at Berklee opened them up into a whole new area, combining smart, psych rock with an edgy atmosphere. Their debut self-titled album, due out April 14, features 10 songs, sporting complex guitars, cosmic backgrounds and loaded riffs. We corresponded with Bat House via email to discuss their writing process, new singles, and the upcoming tour.

Modern Vinyl: How did Bat House come together?

Bat House: We all met while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon entering music school, house shows took the place of typical college spirit rallies or sporting events. We would attend these basement shows and witness our friends and peers putting themselves out there and performing their music in the company of Boston’s creative youth. The electric energy of basement shows brought the four of us together and inspired us to write high energy, guitar-based music.

MV: There are a lot of complex rhythms that can be found in every aspect of your music, earning you the “math rock” genre. How does your writing process work and how do all these sounds get pieced together?

BH: Our writing process is really collaborative and all of the tunes on the record were written in this manner — we really don’t follow the typical “songwriting” process. We spend a lot of time jamming over one particular groove. Pompy would write on drums or a guitar or bass riff and then expand further from there. Each song on the record is very different — each its own living and breathing entity.

Drawing inspiration from everywhere and everything allows us to channel complex emotions through unorthodox sounds and grooves. We’re inspired by many aspects of our human experience. Animation, mother nature, visual art, sounds, sights, communities, the city we live in, and the places we visit together and alone fuel us creatively. We’ve written these songs over a period of two years, so they’re very expansive and reflect different parts of each of us as individuals and a collective group. These songs are very much so influenced by our experiences alone and collectively.

MV: The singles you’ve been putting out in advance of the new album all have really beautiful, colorful artwork attached to them. What’s the story behind them?

BH: A friend of ours, Brooke Colosi, painted a gorgeous piece for us as the album artwork. The piece as a whole is expansive and has a lot of depth, so we wanted to focus on a closer look at segments of it to be paired with each single we’re releasing.

MV: Do you have a favorite song from your new record, or a song you’re most proud of?

BH: Pompy — I’d have to say “Yarn” because of the variations in the grooves from section to section. The bridge of the song is really groovy and one of my favorite parts to perform because of the crowd’s reaction.

Shane — The song I’m most proud of on the record is “Viridian City (Party).” The song is one of our most dynamic tunes — mixing it was a challenge. I feel like we managed to give each section its own specific sound.

Emmet – ‘Twist” because of the vocal harmonies and the energy. The outro of the song is a bit absurd, and the whole song is really fun to perform.

Ally — I have to agree with Emmet. ‘Twist” has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a song that I feel the most connected to and is consistently the most fun song to play. Our dear friend Erini also inspired the lyrical and melodic content, which is some of my favorite on the album.

MV: You have a tour coming up at the beginning of the summer; what are you most looking forward to about it?

BH: Touring is always a really fun adventure for us. Performing every day, seeing old friends, and meeting new friends are some of our favorite parts about hitting the road.

MV: Who are some of your favorite bands/artists right now?

BH: altopalo,  Daisy and the Scouts, Palm, Radiohead, Stereolab.

Check out Bat House’s lead single, “Yarn,” below. You can pre-order, here.

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