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MV Recommends / News / Special Features / March 8, 2017

When you’re in your city, the easiest thing to do in 2017 isn’t walking, it’s scrolling. pronoun — the moniker of Alyse Velturo — captures this anxious surveillance on her first two EPs, There’s no one new around you. and Use Passport to choose a new location. Both of these titles are full sentences spat out by Tinder when you’ve run out of profiles to idly swipe through, and these tracks exist in that singular moment where you’re waiting for a fresh connection to break the silence.

Look to “just cuz you can’t,” a slice of indie-pop anchored by Velturo’s carefully-threaded vocals, or “snowed in,” icily delivering its own narrator bad news. The whole experience is a mesmerizing, clipped experience that’s over far too soon, not unlike a Brooklyn night lit by street lamps and shuffling self-confidence. Use Passport to choose a new location. offers remixed versions of her debut EP’s four tracks, from a lineup curated by Alyse’s unlikely producer: Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. (Now, there’s a story to tell shareholders.) Aided by this other scrolling method, pronoun’s metallic production crawls away, leaving vampy electro courtesy of Future Generations or YEYEY’s glitched sludge. Both these releases, despite their bedroom beginnings, are crafted for maximal sensibilities, appearing more uppercase than intended. It’s a match.

There’s no one new around you. is available on CD and vinyl via Rhyme and Reason Records, and Use Passport to choose a new location. is streaming now.

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