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Much like the classic mixtape, Tracklisted presents a collection of songs under a selected theme, which you can check out below. Click on the provided Spotify playlist and listen to this week’s arrangement while you read a few words about the selections.

The Obsessives released their new, self-titled record today through Lame-O Records. We asked both Nick and Jackson for a playlist of tracks that served as inspiration for the new album, which you can see below. They’ve kindly provided songs, a short explanation, and what specific songs of theirs they inspired. You can grab this album on vinyl through the various variants.

500 Black
200 Orange / Blue Half and Half – Exclusively @ Lame-O Records
300 Red – Exclusively @ Lame-O Records
UK/EU Exclusive – 300 Orange / Bronze A-side/B-side @ Dog Knights Productions
Also available in Australia through Cooking Vinyl

The Playlist

The Selections

Disclaimer: In this article we do not mean to compare ourselves to any of these artists. They rock to the end of the earth and back and we’re just trying to let you know what we were listening to when we wrote this album :).

The Killers — Mr. Brightside

Related tracks on our album: It’s not fair, sometimes

The part immediately after the first chorus really “got us” the first time we heard it. We noticed the drumbeat was just doing a straight 4 beat and keeping the time on the crash. Helped us figure out how to set up the chorus for “It’s Not Fair” and the chorus for “Sometimes.”

The Beach Boys — Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Related tracks on our album: In her belly, it’s ok if

The whole song is just a perfect example of composing a song around a beautiful set of melodies that the writer strung together. That’s the direction we took writing “In Her Belly,” different compared to most other songs on the record because we would write the melodies as separate parts, not as intertwined with the chord changes. I (nick) wrote this song as one thing in one sitting and it was my first time writing my melody and chords together.

The Strokes — Hard To Explain

Related tracks on our album: If you really love me, now she’s smoking, surfer rosa

A great melody based jammer. Focused on the idea of having a guitar based song that brought out the vocals and the groove of the song; shout out to The Strokes one of our fav first bands and fav first albums we listened to excessively in high school.

Pixies — Wave of Mutilation

Related tracks on our album: It’s ok if, you’re gonna be, shady place, it’s not fair

Huge guitar song that grooves nonstop with a connected drum and bass part. Just how the verses in this song groove with bass and drums is unstoppable, made us want to write some songs that just locked in like that and made you want to dance/jump out of your skin.

Third Eye Blind — Semi-Charmed Life

Related tracks on our album: Surfer rosa

The composition on this whole album, TEB is insane. The way third eye blind layers the guitars is Tom Petty level mastery, a steady build through the whole song to try to make parts that repeat interesting and dynamic every time they come back in. Working with Evan and Chris on “Surfer Rosa” we tried to channel the combo of a nice dynamic mix with a locked drum and bass line to give the chorus some movement.

The Beatles — Strawberry Fields Forever

Related tracks on our album: shady place, in her belly, when one thing ends

Every time the groove of the chorus kicks in it’s just too insane. Like I can’t even say anything else about this song. The mix is perfect, the layers are all perfect and they just bring out the essence of the song, and when paired with the drum groove it’s just too much. On the songs on our album we tried to use some of the same tricks regarding percussion, combined with a lot of layers of instruments, to try to just get a big washed out sound that complimented the groove.

Weezer — No One Else

Related tracks on our album: Violent, you’re my god, it’s okay if, you’re gonna be, if you really love me

Heavy song with a pop mix, aka really loud vocals. Really made us think about how to take a “guitar song” and popify it. Quick shoutout to producer of the blue album and member of the cars, ric ocasek, because he inspired a lot of the sounds and ideas we had with Evan and Chris in the studio.

The Cure — In Between Days

Related tracks on our album: you’re my god

We had never really heard The Cure until this song, and it just floored us. Don’t really know what else to say, The Cure are amazing and we hadn’t experienced it until so recently.

The Cars — Just What I Needed

Related tracks on our album: sometimes

Probably the song that most fully sums up what we were trying to do with this album. Just make pop songs with enough hooks to get stuck in your head and try to walk the line between dancy rock music and straight pop.

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