Land of Talk premieres new track, comeback album up for pre-order

News / Preorders / March 24, 2017

A month after their comeback announcement, Land Of Talk has released their second single from their forthcoming album, Life After Youth, which will be their first full-length since 2010. The single, titled “This Time,” reminds us all exactly why Elizabeth Powell is an amazing songwriter, with a mixture of dreamy guitar riffs and nostalgia-filled lyrics that echo the band’s classic sound.

The single is the second to be released from their new album, following  “Inner Lover” that premiered last month on NPR, an electronic track that gives off a different vibe than their previous releases. This second single, though, is more of a familiar sound for the band. “This Time” perfectly combines Powell’s mellow words about wanting to “seize the moment” over uptempo instrumentals. The uncertainty of the words “I believe/I don’t know what you want” are echoed throughout the song, which blend well with its optimistic melody. You can check out “This Time” above, and Inner Lover” below.

Pre-orders for the vinyl, cassette, and MP3, available May 19, can be made at Saddle Creek for the US, and Dine Alone for Canadian residents.

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