Exclusive Video Spin: New Boss — Mirror Mirror

Exclusive Spin / featured / News / May 1, 2017

The chromatic shimmer of Charlottesville’s music scene extends far past the overwrought bar scene popularized by the Dave Matthews Band or the chunky, listless college rock which followed its slurring steps. Enter New Boss, an indie-pop outfit whose second LP, Third Sister, wriggles with freeing, buoyant pacing and intentions. On “Mirror Mirror,” the Will Mullany-animated and directed video below pieces together news clippings with collages stacked and swapped out over a mesmerizing pool of keyboards and lush vocals. The band began with a compilation of self-proclaimed “twee-boogie” standards, straddling a careful line between stomping pop-rock and jangling murmurs from the garage. This latest iteration is an upgrade of their earliest formulas, blissfully simple and instantly dynamic all at once.

New Boss’ Third Sister is now available via WarHen Records.

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James Cassar
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