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featured / News / June 9, 2017

Perhaps the creepiest fusion of music and television this year, David Haller, dressed in all white and banjo in lap, begins the opening plucks of “Rainbow Connection,” something controlling his movements while his face and breaking voice are mere hints of the under-the-surface activity (seen in Chapter 5).

The Jeff Russo-penned score for FX’s Legion will be released in a deluxe vinyl package on August 25th, featuring that Muppets rendition, along with the “special Legion ‘Fauxlero’ version of Maurice Ravel’s ‘Bolero.'” The rest is all Russo (Fargo, The Night Of), the composer tasked with matching the often psychedelic imagery accompanying the Noah Hawley storyline.

The vinyl release includes tracks from both volumes of the show’s score releases, pressed on 140-gram opaque marble vinyl, while housed in a gatefold jacket and printed sleeves (all shown above). Check out what Russo had to say regarding the soundtrack below, along with the tracklisting.

“When I first started working on Legion, the showrunner Noah Hawley gave me some great feedback regarding the tonal palate, he suggested I read neurologist Oliver Sacks Hallucinations,” said Russo. “It was a fascinating read and it really did help inspire. It is all about the way that our mind can change our perception of reality and what that says about our brains. It was something that directed me right to where this amazing show was going.”

Side A

01. Young David 5:06
02. David in Clockworks :46
03. 174 Hours 8:47
04. Seeing Things Hearing Things 4:53

Side B

05. Run :51
06. David 6:31
07. The Shift and Cascade 4:52
08. The Caper 2 3:28
09. Legion Main Title 1:28
10. Rainbow Connection – Dan Stevens 1:30

Side C

11. Open 3:11
12. Almost Legion 4:11
13. Levitate 2:29
14. Clockworks :57
15. Chaos and Madness 2:25
16. David and Syd 3:11
17. The Walk :54
18. Main Title Music Box 1:09

Side D

19. Choir and Crickets 2:21
20. Tea and Memory 1:59
21. David Redux 3:54
22. Darkness (Full Suite) 5:01
23. Fauxlero (Bolero De Revel) [feat. Paco Rodrigo] – Jeff Russo

A large selection of the tracks can also be streamed below:

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