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Much like the classic mixtape, Tracklisted presents a collection of songs under a selected theme, which you can check out below. Click on the provided Spotify playlist and listen to this week’s arrangement while you read a few words about the selections.

The Toronto-based enigmatic pop songstress Adaline recently released her new album Aquatic, which is available to stream everywhere and for purchase. She was delighted to share a playlist of tunes that inspired the new record, and she had this to say in addition:

“These are a collection of songs that I was listening to while either on the water writing lyrics for Aquatic, or later in the studio adding finishing touches. They all struck a chord with me either lyrically or musically in the way that they resonated with the art I was creating. These are my musical soul mates.”

The Playlist

The Selections

Beach House — Space Song

I went through a period of heartbreak while making this album that was heavy and the only thing that brought comfort was to get on a bike and ride along the lake playing Beach House. I felt like as long as I was listening I could go back to a different time when everything was alright. It evoked such nostalgia. The lyric in this song, “You wide-eyed girls, you get it right,” stuck with me and helped me re-embrace my own wide-eyed wildness.

Radiohead — Nude

In stark contrast to the brightness of Beach House, this song gave fuel to some darker emotions. “Don’t get any big ideas, they’re not gonna happen.” A universal sentiment that we’ve all spoken to ourselves from time to time. Our limiting beliefs. These lyrics coupled with the cinematic soundscape is an emotional gift.

London Grammar — Wasting My Young Years

“Maybe I’m wasting my young years.” You know when you’re with someone so completely addictive, but deep down you know it’s never going to work? And yet you give them your young years. Because you have to. There’s no choice. So much lyrical content in my own album runs parallel to this idea.

Leonard Cohen — Suzanne

I listened to so much Leonard Cohen when writing the lyrics for Aquatic. He’s the ultimate teacher and storyteller. If you want to encounter exquisite songwriting there’s really only one place to go and it’s him. “For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.” Sigh.

Jónsi — Tornado

The front man of Sigur Ros is so obviously wildly cinematic and melodic. I saw him perform this live just as I was starting to write and couldn’t get it out of my mind. Just pure, raw musicality. Perfect for a reflective night in.

Daughter — Smother

I listened to this song all day on the ocean while writing. “In the darkness I will meet my creators and they will agree that I’m a suffocator.” Such a brilliant and tragic lyric. Being trapped by shortcomings. The tragedy of one’s issues ruining something beautiful. How we can be our own worst enemies.

Broods — Bridges

The way this song flows reminds me so much of the ocean. The switch of tone into the chorus — going from somber and dark into a bright dreamy anthem is the perfect turn of a tide.

Bat For Lashes — All Your Gold

“Let go of the one who took all your gold.”
This percussive and forlorn pop piece really influenced me sonically. The sounds are so real — you almost feel like you can reach out and touch them. The sounds coupled with her tortured vocal performance really resonated.

Hannah Georgas — Needed Me

I first heard this song near the end of my journey with Aquatic and was really captivated by this cover performed by my friend and fellow Canadian Hannah Georgas. Such a simple rendition that allows the lyrics to really have their moment.

Sia — Elastic Heart

A warrior cry. Because we all need those from time to time. I know I did.

Listen to Adaline’s new record, below. 

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