Exclusive Spin: Dead Leaves — Sunrise

Exclusive Spin / featured / News / July 3, 2017

Cleveland’s Dead Leaves breathed life into spongy indie-punk with their self-titled EP, a meditation on want and weariness, as well as a desire to be one’s best. Vultures drags the same themes that permeated that release through the dirt, mixing blood with a tenacious alt-rock swing that calls to mind Northeastern battle cries and the laid-back nature of the West Coast’s porous guitars. Dead Leaves, however, is also a product of its environment: a Midwestern classic that pines for a past love with clarity and power. And with the band’s shrewd instrumental upswing comes the eventual pull of gravity: a sobering reminder that anything can change at any time, even one’s understanding of what shuffled around in the interim.

Vultures will be released August 25th via Take This to Heart Records. The vinyl pressing is limited to 500 copies across two variants: clear with pink splatter (limited to 200 copies) and forest green (limited to 300 copies).

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James Cassar
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