Exclusive Spin: Micah Tewers — O Where’s My Hunny? (Imagine Winnie The Pooh In Early Adulthood)

Exclusive Spin / News / July 14, 2017

There’s traditional, there’s experimental, and then there’s Micah Tewers‘ O Where’s My Hunny? (Imagine Winnie The Pooh In Early Adulthood), an album that consists of 141 songs. Clocking in at around 9 hours long, a project Tewers affectionately referred to as an “XLP”, we’re premiering the behemoth of a record. You’ll find that, along with the video for “Why Isn’t Satan Purified Yet?,” below.

Tewers had this to say about the record:

“I was trying to record a 10 song album, but couldn’t. For my job, I was making polished-up music for commercials and little movies, and so when it came to making a perfected, high concept, 10 song’d album, I wanted to puke. All the feeling/meaning of the songs vacuumed out somewhere. It was like writer’s block but backwards. I couldn’t reduce what I wanted to come out. So instead, I went out to my garage studio every evening and just wrestled with the Feeling-Vacuum. And I just kept doing that, making new songs every night. All the songs were written in the moment of recording them, around the shape of the original thing. They’re the overflowing, endless tangents and gooey guts of that ideal 10 song’d record about Winnie the Pooh’s early adulthood and religious experiences. And so it took 141 improv’d songs to hold it somehow. The record was made in that shitty Fall-Winter 2015.”

The album itself also features two cover songs: takes on “Lorelai” by the Cocteau Twins and “When The Child Awakes” by Mount Righteous.

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