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MV Recommends / News / Special Features / August 4, 2017

There’s something inherently candid and endearing about lo-fi, home recorded, bedroom pop. This artistic method allows for a unique intimacy between the artist and the audience, even at their most disconnected state. Singer-songwriter Derek Ted (frontman of Owl Paws) recognizes this intimacy and uses it to display his most vulnerable self. Wearing both his heart and his pain on his sleeve, he captures some of the most sincere moments of himself — making us question whether he’s documenting such moments for us, or for himself. There’s a poetic nature to this mess he presents, and through simplistic, immensely honest lyricism, for a brief moment we are given a glimpse of the real Derek Ted. As he pairs soft, charming folk components with hazy, spacey pop and washed out production, the result is almost haunting.

Below you can listen to the premiere of his new single, “ashesintentions,” a lovely one off to hold us over until the release of his upcoming EP, Hourglass Sand. The single paints a vivid image of such raw emotion, done justice the only way justice can be done — through home recording and production.

Derek recently opened for Anthony Green, and will be opening for The Used in Huntington Beach, California, on Aug. 9. For more information, you can check out his Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram feeds.

 (Album Artwork by Keenan Grawe)

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Delaney Motter

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