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Interviews / News / August 29, 2017

We’re just a few weeks away from Washer’s sophomore release, All Aboard, hitting the airwaves. The Brooklyn-based two-piece of Kieran McShane and Mike Quigley have made quite a name for themselves in the DIY scene since releasing Here Comes Washer, their debut album, back in 2016 on Exploding in Sound Records.

We chatted with the guys to get a better feel of what to expect on All Aboard, its album art (designed by McShane), as well as why DIY staples like Shea Stadium are so vastly important.

Modern Vinyl: To start, your sophomore release is coming out next month via Exploding in Sound Records. What can fans expect to hear on it?

Washer: Guitars, drums, some yelly singing.

MV: What did you do differently with this release than some of your previous ones?

W: This one we allowed ourselves a little more time to experiment with recording and production ideas. We were a bit more intentional in crafting the guitar timbres and indulged in some layering of parts; something we tend to shy away from for not wanting to sound too different than our live setup.

MV: How did you get acquainted with Exploding In Sound? Why did you feel like they were the perfect fit to release “All Aboard”?

W: We met Dan a few years ago just from going to shows around Brooklyn and learning about the early EIS bands. He’s a cornerstone in a very supportive community of musicians, artists, and show people. He’s always very quick to help in any way he can, as are the rest of the EIS team and the roster. So we’re very grateful and can’t really imagine not having them involved.

MV: Kieran, you did the artwork for the release (and it is fantastic!) Why did you decide on a train motif for it?

Kieran McShane: I had an idea to paint a model train with someone stomping on it, and then a little later thought it might be good for the record. I think I was thinking about Bobby Baccala and his train hobby at the time.

W: Kieran also thought of the title. I’m not sure either of us realized how appropriate both would be (to the general vibe of the record).

MV: Speaking of this release, it’s coming out on highlighter yellow wax. Why that particular color?

W: It’s mostly arbitrary. We’ve been lucky enough to put out some funny colored vinyl with each of our releases and this just seemed like the right choice.

MV: As you’ve grown older, what have you learned from some of the bands that you’ve been out on the road with?

W: Pee at every opportunity.

MV: Let’s talk tour, you’ve been on the road for a bit. How has this particular run treated you?

W: We haven’t really [been on the road that much] but we did just do a short trip in mid-August. Met lots of nice people and some animals and got to swim in Maine. That was great. We also have a short trip in September, and a longer run in the fall.

MV: As Brooklynites, Shea Stadium has a fond place in your hearts. What are some of your favorite memories about that venue?

  • Our first time playing Shea for Big Ups’ 18 Hours Of Static release show
  • Seeing Diarrhea Planet cover “Born To Run” with Patrick Stickles
  • Listening party for Flagland’s Two Brothers And A Ghost. This happened during the last week of Shea’s goodbye to 20 Meadow St. Flagland had been broken up for about a year; our favorite place was closing, but we were there with a bunch of folks listening to a record that took them something like three years to make, having Kerry (the singer of Flagland) walk us through the concepts for each song. Just grateful to have been there for any of it. Shea Forever.

MV: Where do you see the future of venues like that headed, and how can we help keep them afloat?

W: I think that’s the nature of most DIY spaces, unfortunately. But people can help by getting directly involved. Open up new spots with your friends. Offer to help out at your local spot. Can you tend bar? Build shit out of wood? Run sound? The places will likely stay transient but you can still build community around them.

All Aboard is set to be released on September 15th, via Exploding in Sound. You can pre-order a copy of it on highlighter yellow wax over at the EIS webstore. There are also two bundles available for order: a bundle with both of Washer’s LPs, and one featuring the aforementioned LPs, as well as the Big Ups split 7″, and the Flagland split 7″. Information on the band’s upcoming concert dates, as well as more tidbits about them can be found over at their Facebook page.

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