Pre-CCR Golliwogs collection being reissued

News / Preorders / September 1, 2017

Through Craft Recordings, a “comprehensive collection of music” from The Golliwogs (the pre-Creedence Clearwater Revival band) is being released. Titled Fight Fire: The Compete Recordings 1964-1967, it will be released as a 2xLP, gatefold package, with new liner notes by producer Alec Palao.

As the band matured, honing their sound in the college circuit, they changed their name to the Visions, signed with Berkeley’s Fantasy Records and went into the studio to record a debut single with British Invasion leanings. In a strange move, label partner Max Weiss changed the band’s name to the Golliwogs, without consulting any of the boys. In his liner notes, Alec Palaowrites that, “The Visions were in for a rude surprise when ‘Don’t Tell Me No Lies’ finally showed up in their mailboxes…with a label credit to ‘The Golliwogs.’ Weiss’ offbeat theory was that this outdated colonial reference was somehow appropriate, given the Anglophilic tenor of the moment.” Taking things one step farther, the Fogerty brothers even changed their songwriting credits to sound more British. Sadly, “Rann Wilde” and “Toby Green” never would find stardom.
 By 1965, the Golliwogs had a regional hit on their hands, with “Brown-Eyed Girl” (not to be confused with the Van Morrison song). The band picked up serious momentum over the next two years; maintaining a busy touring schedule across central California, and expanding their sound in the studio, experimenting with new instrumentation and effects. They were moving away from the sounds of the British Invasion and more towards the psychedelic undercurrents that were emerging from the local Bay Area scene. The Golliwogs finally had more control over their career, and in 1967, changed their name to Creedence Clearwater Revival. They would release an eponymous album a year later, with John on lead vocals, and the rest, as they say, is rock ‘n’ roll history.

The collection will be released on September 29th.

Side A:
  1.        Brown-Eyed Girl
  2.        Don’t Tell Me No Lies
  3.        You Can’t Be True (first version)
  4.        Try Try Try
  5.        You Came Walking
  6.        You Better Get It Before It Gets You
Side B:
  1.        Fight Fire
  2.        I Only Met You Just an Hour Ago
  3.        Instrumental #1
  4.        Fragile Child
  5.        Little Girl (Does Your Momma Know)
  6.        Call It Pretending
Side C:
  1.        Walking on the Water
  2.        She Was Mine
  3.        Porterville
  4.        You Better Be Careful
  5.        You Can’t Be True (second version)
Side D:
  1.        Little Tina
  2.        You Got Nothin’ on Me
  3.        Gonna Hang Around
  4.        Tell Me
  5.        Where You Been
  6.        Action USA spot

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