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News / Special Features / Tracklisted / September 11, 2017

Much like the classic mixtape, Tracklisted presents a collection of songs under a selected theme, which you can check out below. Click on the provided Spotify playlist and listen to this week’s arrangements while you read a few words about the selections.

In advance of an October full length, Brooklyn-based Katie Costello dropped the New World EP earlier this summer, a thoroughly charming mix of toe-tappin’ anthems and present day anxieties. The title track and opener hits the latter the hardest, Costello and friends in search of better days amongst increased fear and anger.

You can stream the EP below, which came out via Rebel Pop Records, which she co-founded.

And in the Tracklisted tradition, check out what inspired Costello in the recording of New World.

The Playlist

The Selections

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) — Arcade Fire

This track feels like an anthem for a new generation. My New World EP is very much intended to be the same.

American Boy (feat. Kayne West) — Estelle, Kanye West

This track gets me groovin’ every time…the lyrics are clever, dope and feel-good. Although it’s called “American Boy,” I like the international feel.

Miss You — The Rolling Stones

This is classic New York City. This song might have one of my favorite melodic hooks ever. It’s hard not to immediately feel like your strutting through the lower east side on a beautiful summer day.

Lebanese Blonde — Thievery Corporation

Vibe for days…This track is sexy, cool and interesting. Even though my music sounds very different than Thievery Corporation, I get inspired by this type of creative reimagining of mellow jams.

Imagine — John Lennon

In my opinion, this is a perfect song and one of the best ever written. Not only that, the lyrics represent a sentiment that is not only beautiful but also increasing in popularity. Everyone wants to live in the world John Lennon describes. My song “New World” is very much inspired by this kind of songwriting.

My Sweet Lord — George Harrison

This is one of my favorite George Harrison songs. He was devoted to his spiritual path in a way that has always impressed me and inspired me.

Call Your Girlfriend — Robyn

Truly satisfying pop that has beautifully painful and interesting lyrics. When I first heard this song, I saw it with Robyn’s moving music video where she dances her heart out. Also, I had all the melodies memorized after the first listen. That’s a songwriting feat that impresses me as a pop songwriter myself.

Gimme Shelter — The Rolling Stones

Another legendary song…in my opinion, one of the best opening melodic hooks ever. The passion, vision and power behind this song has always blown me away. I go back to this track frequently.

Across The Universe — The Beatles

Taking a trip across the universe is a real treat and this song provides it. I like lyrics that expand your mind.

Halo — Beyonce

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody, soaring vocals from Beyonce…I heard this song while I was backpacking in the Himalayas. Hearing it in the context of being in a developing nation gave me goosebumps. Many people, including myself, love the sweet melodies and sentiment this song captures. It’s easy to connect to and love this song.

Good Life — One Republic

Such a feel-good track that captures a lot of what I also write about. My New World EP has a similar theme: celebrating the good life.

You can buy the New World EP, here.


Christopher Lantinen
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