Missaligned 089: Jes Skolnik

featured / Missaligned / Podcast / September 20, 2017

This week on Missaligned, we’ve got a great chat with Jes Skolnik, the Managing Editor over at Bandcamp. Our chat with Jes includes life at Bandcamp, navigating the music industry as someone who is intersex and identifies as non-binary, and a little discussion about The New York Times’ “Rock’s Not Dead” piece that leads into a segue about how not to write about women in the music industry.

Intro Song: “Eyelids” by Megaweapon

Links mentioned: 

On Being a Gender Outlier and a Complication of Identity

Why Don’t We Ever Talk About Women Sharing Music With Each Other?

The NYT Interview with Allison and Katie Crutchfield

The New York Times Correctly Declares Women Are Rock’s Saviors. What Now? (by Maria Sherman)

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