Interview: Prude Boys

Interviews / News / September 22, 2017

Hamtramck, Michigan’s Prude Boys bring a sunny rock ‘n roll sound, reminiscent of tunes from the ’60s, blended with a hint of ’90s grunge, and designed to put anybody in a good mood. The band is currently embarking on a short tour, but took some time off to chat with us via email about Townes (their van that recently got broken into), playing Burger Records’ Burger Oasis V, and what’s next for them.

You can also check out their new video for “Talking To Myself” before our chat.

Modern Vinyl: To introduce yourselves to our readers, how did you guys get your start?

Prude Boys: We all just decided one day about 5 years ago that we wanted to start a band and then we did. We practiced in Connor’s steamy hot attic and played our first show at a friend’s house party in Ypsilanti. The rest kinda just fell into place.

MV: How have you found your calling/sound since starting out as a band?

PB: Quennton and I write a lot of the songs collaboratively, so the sound sort of formed itself naturally. As for the songs we write individually, god only knows.

MV: What sets Hamtramck rock ‘n roll apart from other rock genres?

PB: The amount of booze and food we consume makes us lethargic, so we all have to try extra hard to rock ‘n roll. It gives us grit.

MV: You’re currently on tour. How has that been going for you, aside from having your van broken into?

PB: As much as we loved getting the van broken into, I have to say, the rest of the tour has been much more fun. We’ve played with so many talented bands and eaten a lot of pastrami sandwiches.

MV: Speaking of the van, did you name it after the legendary Townes Van Zandt?

PB: Yup!

MV: How was the Burger Oasis this year?

PB: Sweaty and sweet. Everyone involved was really accommodating and helpful. We played with the Flytraps and Apache (both badass bands) and swam in the pool and got sunburned and slept like babies in the Ace Hotel’s super cozy beds. It felt luxurious.

MV: How did you get hooked up with Burger Records?

PB: Friends of friends. The music scene stretches far and wide across the country, but it’s all pretty interconnected.

MV: What does the rest of this year have in store for you?

We’ve been writing a lot of new songs, so at some point we’re going to *have* to put them on a full-length album. That’s our next step.

MV: Anything else you’d like to add?

PB: Quick shout out to everyone who’s been helping us out throughout this tour. You know who you are. We so very much appreciate all the food and couches and show hook-ups, bad jokes, free drinks, and comfort while we’re away from our little Hamtramck bubble.

For more information on the band, check out their Bandcamp page, as well as their Facebook for more details on where they’ll be next.

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