Exclusive Spin: Adult Feelings/Troubled Minds/Ridgeway/Old Sport — Split

featured / News / Preorders / October 10, 2017

The 4-way split can be a daunting release, success only truly achievable when four, like-minded outfits can find some sonic common ground, while still differentiating themselves enough in a relatively short listening experience. The new split featuring Adult Feelings, Troubled Minds, Ridgeway, and Old Sport manages to pull this off, despite all falling comfortably within the designation and aesthetics of punk (and at times, actually sharing members). Between Adult Feelings’ punishing percussion, Troubled Minds’ surprising synth flourishes and, at times, purposefully distorted vocal production, Old Sport’s mix of angelic backing vocals and the bordering-on-scream hook (that gulf makes this track interesting on its own), and finally, with Ridgeway’s alternate pacing (and daringly bright guitar work), you get unique experiences that belong on the same 7″ record.

Ridgeway is finishing up their first record; Old Sport sees their contribution, “Zero Visibility Possible,” as about the “duality of valuing one’s self versus understanding your insignificance in the greater scheme of things”; Troubled Minds is currently recording a new 5-track EP; and Adult Feelings wanted with “These Ends” to make the audience imagine possibly never crawling “out of a hole you’ve dug yourself into, and at the same time trying to find the things worth living for.”

The 7″ is available at RedScare Media on white with black splatter wax (limited to 250).

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Christopher Lantinen
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