Exclusive: Lakeshore unveils ‘Mr. Robot’ volume 3

featured / News / October 11, 2017

Lakeshore Records and Invada Records will release the third volume of the Mr. Robot score 1 onto a few different vinyl variants. Invada will release two options — 180-gram heavyweight black, plus clear vinyl with red & white splatter — for purchase outside of North America. Lakeshore will have a 140-gram transparent red.

The record will come fitted in a custom jacket designed by acclaimed art director John Bergin, with a gatefold showcasing a 16-bit rendering of Elliot’s neighborhood (shown below, with other packaging shots). The package also includes a fold-out poster of 16-bit Mr. Robot characters, four color printed disc sleeves featuring digitized show artwork, and liner notes by show composer and Emmy-winning Mac Quayle. Here’s Bergin on the artwork:

Mr. Robot Season One soundtracks featured early-80s style 8 bit artwork. The new Season Two albums have been upgraded to 16 bit graphics. The CDs for Volumes 3 and 4 are designed to look like late-80s cartridges while the LPs are designed to look like consoles from the late 1980s. It’s always a great time researching old video games for these packages. And by researching, I mean digging out the old games and playing them. As with the previous albums, both Sam Esmail and Mac Quayle were closely involved with the design of the packaging. A must-have for all true Mr. Robot fans.

It will be available for purchase for $32.98 on Friday, Oct. 13; a few days after season three premieres on USA. Mac Quayle will perform a live show at the record release party on Dec. 5, while it officially drops Dec. 8.

You can stream the collection below:

  1. Volume 3 is the first half of the season 2 music. They have released volumes 1 and 2 previously.

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