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As we get deeper into the darkest time of year, both physically and metaphorically, it’s hard to stay positive and keep moving forward when it seems like everything in the world is falling apart. Sometimes, the only way to cope with an increasingly tough world is to listen to music that will try to make you feel good without completely mocking you. That’s where Hippo Campus comes in.

The band, hailing from St. Paul, MN, recently released their EP, Warm Glow, this past September. It’s this great balance of two fun and dancey tracks, along with the title song, which is one of their best. The lyrics, “Arm’s length, shoulders wide/Looking for a fight/Peace sign, getting by/People, we’ll be alright,” repeated over and over really cuts deep in a time where things don’t seem like they’ll be alright. That, paired with the soft and reverb-y guitar riffs, transports you to a dreamy place for the entire 5:59.

This EP is a follow up to their first full-length album, Landmark, which was released in February. Its laid back melodies and fun riffs are the perfect remedy for anyone desiring a pick-me-up. If you enjoy the EP, you’ll love the LP a hundred times more.

The band is currently on tour with Remo Drive, and all the tour information can be found here.

You can pre-order the Warm Glow EP on vinyl here. You can also stream the EP below:


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Nina Braca
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