Exclusive Spin: Reggie Leister — Reason and Excuses

Exclusive Spin / News / November 14, 2017

On Friday, Reggie Leister will be releasing two joint EPs: I Love Everyone and another titled Progress and the Consistency Struggle. This grouping is the first project being released by the Toledo-based singer-songwriter, a musician who features an acoustic lo-fi aesthetic, blending Modern Baseball’s “everyman” vibe with Daniel Johnston’s “genuine-core” realism. With these two EPs, Leister is “looking to find a place where [he] can have a chance to be the person [he is].”

The two EPs are similar in nature, but deal with different topics. I Love Everyone stems from a state of mind he was in all throughout 2016, where he found time to love himself despite a lot going on in his life. Progress and the Consistency Struggle is more complex, where the songs have more of a personal aspect to them, ranging from issues dealing with drug problems, to friends, to family issues.

Today, we’ve got the premiere of “Reason and Excuses,” from Consistency Struggle. Leister had this to say about the track:

“It’s about being anxious to grow up while the world keeps changing and people demand more from you as you get older. Sometimes the most important thing to do is just relax. It’s also about how people forget how to do that and will allow themselves to live being unhappy, trying to convince themselves that they’ll one day be content. The most important thing I think that should be taken away from it is that at the end of every situation, there is a decision to make and you’ll either take action and have a good reason for the outcome or you will make an excuse for how things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. If you make a choice to do something good or bad, then have a good reason or excuse for it.”

Photo Credit: Robbie Brenner

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