Exclusive Spin: Mike Frazier and The Dying Wild — Elegy

Exclusive Spin / featured / Special Features / November 16, 2017

Two years ago, we chatted with Virginia’s Mike Frazier. Since then, he’s been touring around the country, signed to A-F Records, performed a Sofar Sounds session for Amnesty International in Norfolk, and is gearing up to release his debut album, Elegy, alongside his band The Dying Wild.

Ahead of Elegy‘s release, we’ve got the exclusive full album stream, alongside an explanation by Frazier of the album and what it means to him, especially after the events and turmoil of the last year:

“On November 9th, 2016 the world shifted. It felt as if the flame of progress that had been slowly growing in our country was blown out with no remorse. The days that followed were filled with mourning. The only way I could describe it was with the idea of an elegy.

The morning after the election was bleak. However, the response to this catastrophe was about to be more powerful than anything the country could have imagined. The flags of resistance were raised. The organizing began. The voices of the marginalized would demand to be heard. A new flame was sparked. Streets were filled in cities round the country. On January 22nd, 2017 the Women’s March was led worldwide. It showed that those who sided with bigotry and hatred are vastly outnumbered.

Fast forward to November 7th, 2017. Virginia just saw the most progressive election in the history of the state. We were shown that a year after doomsday, that hope was alive. The story of Elegy details my observation of the last year. It is my attempt to answer ‘how we came to this’ and to tell the stories of those in my life who were affected by this mess. This elegy is for them.”

Elegy can be purchased over at A-F’s webstore, where you have the option of picking up the record in a purple (/100), black (/150), or white (/100) colorway. The yellow variant (/150) was for A-F’s 2017 Record Club members. A digital download code is available with the record.

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