‘Men in Black’ Elfman score being released on vinyl

News / November 28, 2017

The Danny Elfman-penned score to Men In Black is getting released on vinyl through Enjoy The Ride Records. The pressing will feature a webstore version of “galaxy splatter,” limited to 500, while retail will be silver.

The pressing will go on sale on Nov. 29.

M.I.B. Main Theme (2:58)
D’s Memories/Chase (3:57)
Edgar’s Truck/A New Man (2:58)
Imports/Quiet Moment (2:22)
J Contemplates (1:18)
Headquarters (1:13)
The Suit (1:28)
Morgue Time (:49)
Petit Mort (1:42)
K Reminisces (:48)
Orion’s Belt/Cat Stinger (2:18)
Noisy Cricket/Impending Trouble (2:08)
Sexy Morgue Babe/Icon (5:41)
Take Off/Crash (7:20)
Finale (3:02)
M.I.B. Closing Theme (2:36)


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Christopher Lantinen
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