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Exclusive Spin / featured / News / December 5, 2017

Providence three-piece Twin Foxes is an act we’ve followed as one that’s familiar with feedback and grainy texture. It’s no wonder the trio calls Jawbreaker and Shellac some of their formative influences — frontman Jared Mann carries a similar visceral howl. At the same time, the band’s newest material carries with it an expanse afforded from spinning countless post-punk and art-rock LPs. Take “Drownd,” for example, streaming below. Its adventurous, three-act structure flips from straight-ahead punk to meandering slowcore and finishes with a bright fizz of guitar noise. It’s in that structure where Twin Foxes’ latest endeavor seems the clearest: create dizzying and tempo-agnostic arrangements that mix the combative elements of noise and nuance. For their upcoming full-length, Sleeping on the Attic Floor, the balance is swiftly struck and hardly lost. You could say the result is wily and sly, and doubly so.

Sleeping on the Attic Floor will be released Feb. 9 via Tor Johnson Records and Midnight Werewolf Records. Twin Foxes will be celebrating the record release with a series of first-week Northeast shows.

2/8/2018 — Providence, RI
2/9 — Worcester, MA
2/10 — Keene, NH
2/11 — Western MA
2/12 — Boston, MA


  1. “Mountain”
  2. “Drownd”
  3. “Vampire”
  4. “Hard Ash”
  5. “Self Endowed”
  6. “Nursehound”
  7. “Whole Lot Older”
  8. “I Need This”
  9. “Sleeping on the Attic Floor”
  10. “One Hundred Summers”
Pre-orders for clear 12″ vinyl are available here.

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