David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ up for order

News / Preorders / January 9, 2018

David Byrne’s upcoming full length effort, American Utopia, is now up for pre-order at Nonesuch Records. There’s no special pressing information, but you do get a print with your LP order. According to Byrne:

These songs don’t describe this imaginary and possibly impossible place, but rather they attempt to describe the world we live in now—and that world, when we look at it, as we live in it, as it impacts on us—immediately commands us to ask ourselves- is there another way? A better way? A different way?

This group of songs is indirectly about those questions. And what drives us to ask those questions. The songs are sincere—the title is not ironic. The title is not so much about a utopia, as it is about our longing, frustration, aspirations, fears, hopes regarding what could be, what is possible. How and what could we be. Surely, we ask ourselves, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a longing for possibility— and I have a feeling that is what these songs touch on.

The album is being released on March 9.

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Christopher Lantinen
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