‘Wave Race 64’ tracks and vaporwave join forces for new cassette, VHS

featured / News / February 12, 2018

I can’t believe this is real. Last year, The Modern Vinyl Podcast took a deep dive into which video game soundtracks we’d love to see pressed on vinyl. Wave Race 64 is not only one pick that made my personal list, but it’s one of my go-to listens while I’m at work. Combine that with vaporwave — an intertextual wonder of a genre I vow to thoroughly explore on this week’s coming podcast episode — and you’ve got a perfect distillation of my strange, nostalgic taste. Enter W A V . R A C E 6 4, the latest excursion from Trucks Passing Trucks. It’s kept the spirit of the original Kazumi Totaka score, down to the jazzy bliss of the fourth-place finish. It’s been kissed by reverb, additional percussion, and synth hits, remixing 1996 for a 2018 attention span: quick cuts to different cues, sudden fade-ins and -outs, and chopped-and-screwed callbacks abound. Check out the full release below, which is receiving a cassette pressing and VHS translation (!!!) this month.

W A V . R A C E 6 4 is available now on pink cassette, as well as on white VHS tape, via DMT Tapes and Intimate Evening Records. All physical products will ship on or around Feb. 20.

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James Cassar
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