Exclusive Video: Brother Son — Blue Dream

Exclusive Spin / News / March 1, 2018

When searching for a song to further highlight from their debut album, Young & Pretty, Detroit’s Brother Son simply looked to live reception. “Blue Dream” seemed like the obvious choice. According to the band, of all the tracks on the album, it definitely is the biggest crowd favorite, and didn’t get the attention of being a single or featured as one of their live performance videos. From there, the band hooked up with local cinematographer and good friend Brandan Keller, and the rest is history. Brother Son talked about the process behind the video, what’s coming up for the band, and you can read/stream everything below.

“He (Brandan Keller) came to our practice space and dressed the little room with all his lighting equipment. He decided a one-take performance video would be pretty cool to try, and four cans or so of condensed air later, we had the video. I suppose you could consider that foggy atmosphere of the video to be a subtle nod to the song’s namesake, though it wasn’t deliberate.

We recorded Young & Pretty with Zach Shipps at RV Audio Labs in Ferndale, Michigan. We recorded all the tracks as live full band recordings; the only things we dubbed over were the final vocal tracks and some keys stuff. It could almost be considered one big, well-produced live session, which we kind of attribute to our success so far on the scene. Sort of, you know, a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of thing. We’ll be releasing the album on vinyl through Jett Plastic, and leading up to that is a release for the “Growth” single 7” as well. We’re premiering these this weekend, at Hamtramck Music Festival. We play Saturday, March 3, at the New Dodge Lounge, 11 p.m.”

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