Exclusive Video: Closet Goth — Touch Myself

Exclusive Spin / News / March 21, 2018

I’ve spoken before about track ones, calling them the most important social contracts between artist and listener. If that’s the case, Phoenix’s Closet Goth — a noise-pop collective that’s as indebted to basement screamo as much as it is disaffectedslouching indie — tears up this hypothetical document and stomps on the shreds.

Vocals are spat through filters so grainy, it’s almost as if multi-instrumentalist Colin Bauer is using a megaphone. The video shows this messy construction with quick costume and personnel changes. Aside from the quintet that is Closet Goth on their upcoming LP Friendship Village, there are nine other Closet Goths that could’ve been dancing out of time with the shrapnel that’s blasted behind them via stuttered guitar. As far as first impressions go, this troupe of desert brats don’t really care about pomp or circumstance, just raw and dirty energy. Even the song’s last 20 seconds — a last-minute jam devoid of feedback — seems like another left turn stapled together as a Hail Mary play. For a group as unpredictable as their on-camera personas and song titles would suggest (later in the running time, someone asks “Do You Think Divine Intervention Gave Me These Abs?”), this track one charts a different course.

Friendship Village will be released on April 6. Vinyl comes courtesy of Warped Your Records, while cassettes are being handled by Bangkok Blend. You can pre-order either physical format, as well as digital and CDs, here.

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James Cassar
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