Ness Lake signs to Take This To Heart, releasing new album

News / Preorders / May 9, 2018

Ness Lake’s upcoming album, Kicking, is being released in June through Take This To Heart Records. The album, available on cassette, is produced by The Swellers’ Nick Diener and the band is led by Chandler Lach (Swordfish, turning this previous lo-fi side project into full band). You can stream “Forgot” below.

It’s being released on June 15. Courtesy of the label:

Where previous projects of Ness Lake mastermind Chandler Lach felt like a vibrant celebration of all the highs and lows of life, ‘Kicking’ feels like a dark room that’s lit only by the specs of light that sneak past the blinds. The songwriting on the record pays close attention to the minutiae of life; opting to make the small moments that we often overlook feel more like the most grandiose and life-altering interactions of Chandler’s young life. “Cheery Menthol” sees his struggling with traditional concepts of masculinity, and hides a little bit of its “too meek to look you in the eyes” attitude with one the album’s scarcely earworm-y vocal melodies, and sees Chandler longing for the smallest of memories that he’s chosen to cling to, practically begging to “watch Fight Club with your dad again on DVD.”

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Christopher Lantinen
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