‘Unsolved Mysteries’ 3xLP set up for preorder

News / Preorders / May 17, 2018

A massive collection of cues and themes from the beloved paranormal show Unsolved Mysteries is now up for preorder at Terror Vision. Mega-fans will be interested in the limited 3xLP release consisting of 5 theme songs and closing credits (as well as 120 ghost related cues), while the more casual listener might want to go for the curated single LP with hand-picked cuts from label-head Ryan Graveface.

Info from Terror Vision about the 3LP set is below, and look for a review on Modern Vinyl in the coming months.

This is the triple LP version featuring 5 UM theme songs/closing credits, 120 (!!) ghost related cues and the missing/wanted music. Read below for more info.

  • First time the score has been available on any format!
  • Audio pulled from original tapes / remastered
  • Triple Gatefold Stoughton packaging / 3 full-color inner sleeves
  • Liner notes from creator John Cosgrove, composer Gary Malkin & Ryan Graveface (me!)

Choose your vinyl colorway:

180 Gram Colored Wax

180 Gram Black as night

Back story:

Immediately after “inking the deal” with John Cosgrove (Unsolved Mysteries creator), I was sent several hundred DAT tapes of all the music for the show. So from February until a few weeks ago I would spend several hours a day making sense of everything. The single LP version features my personal favorite songs from the ghost related segments of Unsolved Mysteries whereas this triple LP set contains EVERYTHING written for the ghost segments. This version is very very limited as it’s really just meant for diehard fans. xo

Preorder the 3xLP set at Terror Vision.
Preorder the single LP set at Terror Vision.

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