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News / Preorders / June 12, 2018

‘East Bay Punk’ documentary soundtrack up for preorder

The soundtrack to Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk is now up for preorder at Amazon and beyond. The soundtrack includes the following tracklisting of “rare, unreleased and / or out-of-print tracks”:

1. Crimpshrine – Another Day
2. Fang – I Wanna Be On TV
3. Christ On Parade – Thoughts Of War
4. Special Forces – Berkeley Hardcore
5. Corrupted Morals – Be All You Can Be
6. Neurosis – United Sheep
7. Sewer Trout – Wally And Beaver Go To Nicaragua
8. The Lookouts – Mendocino Homeland
9. Isocracy – Hippie Man
10. Soup – Control
11. Sweet Children – Sweet Children (Demo)
12. MTX – At Gilman Street
13. Sweet Baby – She’s From Salinas
14. Kwik Way – Pacifica On Saturday
15. Kamala And The Karnivores – Back To Bodie
16. Jawbreaker – Equalized
17. Crimpshrine – Summertime
18. Operation Ivy – Hedgecore
19. Beatnigs – Television (Radio Edit)
20. Operation Ivy – Unity
21. Filth – The List
22. Blatz – Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It)
23. Econochrist – Epidemic
24. Spitboy – Sexism Impressed
25. Yeastie Girlz – Yeast Power
26. Nuisance – Dragonfly
27. Monsula – Firecracker
28. Pinhead Gunpowder – Losers Of The Year
29. Pansy Division – Luv Luv Luv
30. The Potatomen – On The Avenue
31. Jawbreaker – Condition Oakland
32. NOFX – I’m Telling Tim
33. Rancid – Journey To The End of the East Bay
34. Green Day- Welcome To Paradise (Kerplunk)
35. The Armstrongs – If There Was Ever a Time

It’s being released on July 6.


’13 Reasons Why’ season 2 getting the vinyl treatment

The second season soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why is up for vinyl preorder at Amazon. You can see the tracklisting below and they list white vinyl. It’s being released on Aug. 3.

1. Back To You (Selena Gomez)
2. lovely (Billie Eilish featuring Khalid)
3. Start Again (OneRepublic featuring Logic)
4. Falling Skies (YUNGBLUD featuring Charlotte Lawrence)
5. The Night We Met (Lord Huron featuring Phoebe Bridgers)
6. Tangled Up (Parade of Lights)
7. Time (Colouring)
8. My Kind of Love (Leon Else)
9. Your Love (HAERTS)
10. Love Vigilantes (New Order)
11. The Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen)
12. Promise Not To Fall (Human Touch)
13. Sanctify (Years & Years)
14. Tin Pan Boy (YUNGBLUD)
15. Souvenir (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)
16. Watch Me Bleed (Tears for Fears)
17. Cities in Dust (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
18. Of Lacking Spectacle (Gus Dapperton)
19. Falling (In Dreams) (Telekinesis)
20. Strength (The Alarm)

Modern Life Is War releasing vol. 1 of ‘Tribulation Worksongs’

The new series of releases from Modern Life Is War, Tribulation Worksongs, has kicked off through Deathwish. The first 7″, which includes “Feels Like End Times” and “Lonesome Valley Ammunitions” is available on red vinyl (limited to 549), clear (549), white (549) and black (limited to 1,650).

Also, for packaging, lyrics were typed out by vocalist Jeff Eaton on his 1950s typewriter, while each cover was hand-stamped.

These are already shipping.

Coathangers’ reissuing ‘Scramble’

Suicide Squeeze Records has put up a new pressing of The Coathangers’ 2009 full length album, Scramble. The new pressing is on yellow and double mint vinyl, limited to 1,000.

Copies are shipping out around June 18.

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